Robin of Sherwood Update: “The Word Is…”

Let me just finish the above before I go on and say that the final word in that short sentence is ‘king’, and it really is…

Since we announced the new box set, the writing process has been moving along at a pace, and if you’re patiently waiting for a few more details about the new stories you’ll have to wait a little longer as we finalise which tales will make up this series.

We initially had quite a few pitches come in from writers that either we had approached or who had heard about the project and were fans. One of the most difficult bits of the process is to actually get the story and then the treatment (the outline of what exactly happens) into place. It’s essentially the stress test as to whether that ‘great idea’ you’ve had actually works. As we’ve mentioned, we’ve got several layers of approvals to go through and it has been a real blessing because it means that fresh eyes have scrutinised and it also ensures that we keep to the ethos of Richard’s world within Robin of Sherwood.

With all that said, even though our scribes are experienced, there have been storylines that haven’t made the cut and it’s always a difficult thing to break that news but again, it’s all part of the pre-production period that has seen the ideas approved move onto first draft stage.

Having had the pleasure of reading the treatments and scripts as they’ve developed, it’s exciting to see the stories come to life and just yesterday, the first two complete draft scripts were delivered to our script editor. From here on, there will be another round of comment and then re-writes before more approvals, but out of all of that will emerge the polished scripts that will hopefully thrill and leave people wanting more.

So, back to where we started.  Before anything else there was the word, and the word is king. As we move forwards, we will (we promise) bring a few more glimpses into the tales being penned and reveal the names behind those adventures!

For now, nothing’s forgotten.

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