Robin of Sherwood update: “Conflict will drive your plot forward…”

Analyse any plot and you’ll see that what drives things forward is conflict. There’s one exception to that rule, and it’s when you’re dealing with actors’ schedules; that can just see things grinding to a halt.  The wonderful problem (and it is wonderful) is that all our regulars are so successful that it can be tricky finding a time when everyone can get together…

Barnaby Eaton-Jones, though, is not a man to let a small conflict like that get in the way! Barnaby is quite incredible: there’s no other way to say it.  Others may talk but Barnaby does, and right now he’s like a circus performer, juggling different bits of information and slowly but surely forging a schedule that will get us into the studio this Summer.

Barnaby is also a bit of a whizz when it comes to casting. During the ‘Knights of the Apocalypse’ pre-production process, the inspired casting choices were his, and I have to say I think they worked beautifully.  Just today we swapped notes about who might be suitable for which roles, and with four stories being written (actually it’s more than four but some will make their way into future outings) there are quite a few vacancies to fill.

Getting the right voices makes all the difference, as you’ll know if you’ve heard the likes of Freddie Fox, Colin Baker and Anthony Head breathing a superb amount of life and menace into their respective roles! There are voices and then there are voices…

So right now, that’s where we are.

The writing is moving onto the revised draft stage, and as the episodes come together we’re looking at who might have the right voices to bring it all to life and complement our already superb cast.

More soon, but in the meantime… nothing’s forgotten.


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