Re-record, Not Praed Away

We wanted to issue a statement at the start of August but we’ve been waiting for a quote from Michael Praed, who’s always so busy that it takes a while to get hold of him. He had agreed to give us a quote but we don’t feel it’s fair to wait any longer to announce that the 4-Disc Box-Set will now be released in the Autumn. We’re incredibly sorry and it really was a situation beyond our control. It WILL be released this year, never fear, as our delivery date for ITV has been approved by them.

In a nutshell, recording dates were booked and all the cast had been signed on for May this year. Unfortunately, just beforehand, Michael wanted a few things changed in the script – which is his prerogative as the leading man – and, because our writers are also busy people, we had trouble realising them in a time-frame where all the cast could make new recording dates.

So, we’ve had to juggle a few scripts and our budget doesn’t stretch to recording everything we had planned due to having to pay for missed studio time, etc.

The upshot is that ‘The Baron’s Daughter’ by Jennifer Ash will now be a one-person narration download, read by Peter Hutchinson (Alan a Dale himself) – this will be available soon.

The Box-Set still includes ‘The Trial of John Little’ by Tony Lee but there will also be a new adventure to accompany this called ‘King of Sherwood’, written by Paul Birch (‘Sanctuary’) and Producer/Director Barnaby Eaton-Jones.

We are extremely sorry for a delay that was out of our hands. But, with script re-writes and Michael’s approval, we will be recording his stories in the near future and the Box-Set you’ve all waited so patiently for will be in your hands. When Michael gives us his quote, we’ll pop it up here. Never fear, he’s happy to reprise the role and is excited about recording but just wanted the scripts to be *exactly* right for him.

Barnaby Eaton-Jones
Image © Neil Jackson/Hooded Man Events 2018

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