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If you pre-ordered ‘Robin of Sherwood: The New Audio Adventures’, then the wait is almost over.

All the box-sets are being posted out today (Monday 10th December 2018). Like a shower of arrows, they’re finally winging their way to their targets. We want to thank you for your incredible patience.

As ever, when things haven’t gone to plan, we’ve always tried our best to be open and honest about that, because we believe it’s important to let our fanbase know what’s happening. Sometimes, we’re able to provide something a little extra, as an apology or a thank you. This is something we pride ourselves on and we’ve been able to do it again this time.

We can officially reveal that there’s a special extra we were able to record and include on the final disc. It’s a full-cast audio called ‘The Meeting Place’ and tells a month by month story of a year in Much’s life.

For a full run-down of what’s included in the box-set, see below…

Richard Carpenter’s ROBIN OF SHERWOOD

By Paul Birch & Barnaby Eaton-Jones
(Set during Series Two)

Wickham is not a happy village and, when Meg is threatened by Gisburne’s soldiers, Will Scarlet loses his temper and Wickham fears reprisals. The once loyal villagers, without Edward of Wickham to guide them, begin to turn on the outlaws who regularly save their lives.

Fortunately, another Hooded Man has entered the forest – with his own good lady and band of men. Is he the saviour or the charlatan of Sherwood?

By Tony Lee
(Set during Series One)

Whilst Robin is troubled by hazy visions of his father, Little John faces the wrath of a witch hunter who is about to make him pay for crimes he committed whilst under the influence of Baron de Belleme.

In order to save Little John, the rest of the outlaws play their part in uncovering the secrets that brought the witch hunter to Sherwood in the first place…

By Iain Meadows
(Set directly after Series Three, as the start of Series 4 – before ‘The Knights of the Apocalypse’)

The Merry Men are without a proper leader, as Robin – after losing Marion to Holy Orders – spends his waking hours in an increasingly drunken state.

Abbot Hugo has cleaned out the family coffers and secured a release for his brother, the Sheriff, from King John’s prisons. This is granted on one condition – the Sheriff pays a fine for every month that goes by without the capture of Robin Hood.

The Sheriff plots his revenge on the outlaws, with the intention of using Sister Marion as a pawn in his plans.

By Jennifer Ash
(Set during Series Three)

The village of Papplewick has a new head family keen to exchange goodwill with the outlaws. Much is less than thrilled when Robin decides he should be the one to meet with the head villager’s eldest child each month, to swap tax money for food and information.

The last thing Much wants is to trudge across Sherwood in all weathers to talk to a girl.

Television series Robin of Sherwood © HTV/Goldcrest Films & Television 1983. Created by Richard Carpenter, with grateful thanks to his Estate.


There is a full cast list here.


We hope you enjoy listening to these new adventures.

Barnaby Eaton-Jones
Image © Barnaby Eaton-Jones 2018

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