Magna Carta – Legacy

As many people across the world celebrate the 800th Anniversary of Magna Carta, we’re delighted to unveil our latest project; Magna Carta – Legacy. Commissioned by Salisbury Cathedral, home to the best preserved of the four surviving copies of Magna Carta, this one-off Audio Drama accompanies the enhanced Magna Carta Exhibition at the Cathedral.

Magna Carta – Legacy is a compelling historical tale of feuding barons and an unpopular king with popes, archbishops and paupers thrown in for good measure.

Seif El Rashidi, Magna Carta Programme Manager at Salisbury Cathedral, had this to say on the finished piece: “Everyone loves a good story, and Spiteful Puppet knows how to tell one. Salisbury Cathedral jumped at the opportunity to partner with Spiteful Puppet to produce a Magna Carta Audio Drama to help bring the Salisbury Magna Carta Story to life as part of its 800th anniversary celebrations. There’s nothing like a personal story to make history accessible, and Spiteful Puppet were quick to recognise that Salisbury had the ideal protagonist: Elias de Dereham, the priest who distributed Magna Carta around England and five years later, built Salisbury Cathedral.

It’s been a great partnership. Spiteful Puppet giving Elias a voice, as a man looking back on the turbulent days of Magna Carta, during the building of the Cathedral in the 13th century. The drama captures a period often forgotten – the first years after King John, and the Cathedral’s role in guarding this new treasure: Magna Carta.

It’s a window onto a fascinating world.”

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