Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQs

Can I download straight to a mobile device?

In a word, no.Please do NOT download to a phone or tablet.If you wish to listen to the audio on mobile devices, download to a desktop or laptop and import into iTunes or similar and sync with your phone etc.

What are the delivery charges for orders from the Online Shop?

Delivery charges will vary according to your location.The first item will cost £4 to locations within the UK, £10 to Europe and £18 to the rest of the world.

Additional physical products ordered at the same time will incurr an additional charge of £2 for all territories.

Download products are of course free of delivery charges

Which payment methods are accepted in the Online Shop?

We accept payment by Debit or Credit Cards and PayPal

How long will delivery take?

We normally despatch by 48-hour delivery but please allow time for order processing and packing. It is unlikely but from order to delivery could take up to 7 days.

How secure is shopping in the Spiteful Puppet online shop? Is my data protected?

The Spiteful Puppet website is SSL encrypted to ensure all transactions are private and secure from fraud.

What exactly happens after ordering?

For physical products, once your order is received we will begin processing and packing the order and booking despatch (this may be next working day following the order date).The order is then despatched to you.

Do I receive a receipt for my order?

Yes, you will receive a receipt and notification your order has been received by return email

Robin of Sherwood FAQs

Are the stories in the new adventures new stories, and who wrote them?

Yes they are new stories.
They’re not stories that Richard ‘Kip’ Carpenter wrote, but they will be stories that are approved by Richard’s estate.

As for the writers, we’ll reveal who they are in due course. What we can say is that these writers have done it before and are big fans of the show. We also have a BAFTA winning script editor on the team making sure that the scripts will be as good as they can be.

Will the music of Clannad be used?

Yes, the original Clannad main theme “Robin (The Hooded Man)” will be used, but the incidental music will be in the style of Clannad. It costs an enormous amount of money to use even a tiny fraction of the theme and whilst we all love their soundtrack, we need to stay within our means; it comes down to the economics of it.

Do I have to pay upfront when I pre-order?

Yes, you do need to pay upfront for pre-orders, as is standard with most pre-order scenarios.It is only through your pre-orders that we are able to make this ambitious production.

Is there a time limit for pre-orders?

There isn’t as such but until the end of March 2017, if you pre-order, you unlock the potential for some bonus extras such as signed studio scripts, or perhaps the chance to join us in the studio during one of the recording sessions.

Where in the world can you despatch the new Robin of Sherwood box sets and downloads?

‘Knights of the Apocalypse’ is available worldwide, but we do not hold the licence to sell other Robin of Sherwood products (including the audiobooks and new box set) outside of the UK, The Republic of Ireland and The Channel Islands. We can therefore only take orders from an account with a UK, ROI or Channel Islands address.

Is the cast the same as on the telly?

For the most part, the cast is the same. There are some exceptions because those actors have passed away, and in the case of John Abineri, who played Herne, his son Daniel has taken over, whilst Gisburne will be played by Freddie Fox, as he was in The Knights of the Apocalypse.

Is Michael Praed in it and how is this possible? Robin of Loxley died!

Yes, Michael Praed is in it. The way it works is that these new adventures will fit into the established timeline as the adventures you never got to see on T.V.

With Jason’s version of Robin, we have the option of picking up from the end of series 3 or doing episodes that fit into the established time line.
There will be two 60 minute adventures for each Robin.

I am having difficulty with your website. Can you help?

Things sometimes don’t go as smoothly as we’d like. The vast majority of people order without any problems, but if you do experience difficulties, the contact form on the website will get you in touch with us and we can look into things for you. We will never knowingly simply ignore you.

Will the download version of the new adventures be cheaper than the CDs?

Not right now, no.The price reflects what’s needed to make this happen.

I've got a great idea. Can I send you my script?

With apologies, we aren’t accepting submissions at the current time.