Robin of Sherwood update: “Cast Away…”

Casting, eh? It’s a tricky business. The original cast of Robin of Sherwood: The Knights of the Apocalypse was very different to the one in the finished audio. This was due to a change of production company (three cheers for Spiteful Puppet!), which meant re-casting completely. I’m sure the original cast would have worked fine […]

Robin of Sherwood update: “Conflict will drive your plot forward…”

Analyse any plot and you’ll see that what drives things forward is conflict. There’s one exception to that rule, and it’s when you’re dealing with actors’ schedules; that can just see things grinding to a halt.  The wonderful problem (and it is wonderful) is that all our regulars are so successful that it can be […]

Magna Carta – Legacy

As many people across the world celebrate the 800th Anniversary of Magna Carta, we’re delighted to unveil our latest project; Magna Carta – Legacy. Commissioned by Salisbury Cathedral, home to the best preserved of the four surviving copies of Magna Carta, this one-off Audio Drama accompanies the enhanced Magna Carta Exhibition at the Cathedral. Magna Carta – Legacy is a compelling […]