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In short, to bring stories to life using the audio medium in the most imaginative way possible, and to the highest of standards. From audiobooks to full cast dramas, we make excitement and play with expectation.

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Not only because our production team is passionate about audio. But also because with extensive experience across most audio disciplines, nothing phases us. From concept to final product delivery, with Spiteful Puppet your project is in safe hands.

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What we do

Our audio services encompass scriptwriting, casting, recording, sound design, music, mastering, CD production and distribution, and online sales. All delivered using the resources of an award-winning production team.

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The Hooded Man is Back!
Robin of Sherwood script

Drama is not all we do, but it’s what we specialise in. Our first audio project, “HOOD: Noble Secrets”, which reboots the Robin Hood legend, received a nomination at the 2014 BBC Audio Drama Awards. Spurred on by that success we continued the series with “The Scribe of Sherwood”, which won a BBC Audio Drama Award and two New York Radio Festival trophies in 2015. That year we were also commissioned by Salisbury Cathedral to produce “Magna Carta: Legacy”, to mark the 800th anniversary of the historic document’s creation.

Our success in New York with HOOD led to an invitation from Barnaby Eaton-Jones to embark on our biggest audio project to date. Together, we have worked our magic to bring back the cult ITV drama “Robin of Sherwood”.

30 years after the drama was last seen on TV, every surviving member of the cast has returned to record a ‘lost’ episode as an audio production.

Jason Connery, Ray Winstone, Clive Mantle and Judi Trott all return as Sherwood Forest's outlaws, while Nickolas Grace reprises his role of the Sheriff of Nottingham. Other cast members include Colin Baker and Anthony Head.

The story itself, The Knights of the Apocalypse, is taken from an unseen script from 1989, set after the original series ended and conceived by Robin of Sherwood’s original creator, the late Richard ‘Kip’ Carpenter, and has been produced in tribute to him, with all profits going to his two favourite charities, the British Red Cross and the Sherwood Forest Trust.

"Every generation has a series of evocative shows which shape, focus and inspire the young mind," said Clive Mantle, who plays Little John. "We were extremely lucky and privileged to be involved in a classic for a generation. It had a huge heart at its centre."

Jason Connery (Robin Hood) added, "I think it's a universal story, that generations can pass down. Many fans come to me and say they watch the show with their kids and, in some ways (with it being a period piece), it never ages... unlike us!".

Robin of Sherwood: The Knights Of The Apocalypse is the most ambitious audio project yet undertaken by the Spiteful Puppet team, and is set for release in the Summer of 2016.

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