A New Robin of Sherwood Adventure Gets the Go-Ahead

It was in December of last year that we were excitedly able to reveal that after the success of “The Knights of the Apocalypse” and with so many people asking if there would be more, we had reached an agreement with ITV to produce further new and original “Robin of Sherwood” stories.

Because we are small company where resources are tight, we needed a certain level of pre-orders to be able to green-light the proposed box set of 4 hour long adventures that would see the surviving cast reuniting, as well as the return of Mchael Praed to the role of Robin of Loxley.

Whilst we aimed for a target of 2000 orders, it became clear that there would always be those people who would choose not to pre-order or indeed could not afford to pre-order, which we completely understand.  We therefore adjusted the target so that if we could achieve a break-even point it would still be possible to move forward with the project.

It is with great pleasure that today we are able to reveal that through the amazing generosity of the fans, both in committing to order and also in spreading the word, we have now got the green light to go ahead.

We will keep the pre-ordering open in the hop that people may be persuaded to join the adventure.  Each and every order from this point will allow us to do more in the studio and in post production.  In addition, there are bonus elements, namely signed scripts and a studio visit, which remain open until the end of March.

On behalf of us all, as fans to fans, thank you.  We won’t let you down.


*No purchase necessary for the studio visit.