Robin of Sherwood update: “3 is the Magic Number”

I apologise. It’s been a while since the last update and that’s because it’s been head down looking into all the revisions across the scripts. We’re now at the third draft stage. Now before you start thinking that a re-write and three drafts can’t be a good thing, it’s all pretty normal and really what it does is hone and polish.

As you know this box set will have two stories for each incarnation of ‘The Hooded Man’ and I think the episodes we have will showcase action and adventure, along with some humour, in a way that will be faithful to the show… I think!  There are also going to be one or two surprises and twists, some new information, if you like, as a previously untapped area is investigated. Well that’s the plan.

Titles for episodes have actually remained largely unchanged from the initial plot conceptions and my hope is that after these final set of tweaks, and once they have been through all the levels of clearance, we’ll be able to release those titles alongside the names of the writers. If I were pressed, and we do get that question from time to time, I would hope that early June is when we’ll have that information to hand.

On that subject, being pressed, it was put to me recently that we’re hiding the episode titles and writers names deliberately. I think the suggestion was that somehow we just didn’t want the information out there. I’ve said it before, but it’s worth repeating that this is not the case, but all the clearances have to be observed both as a matter of professional courtesy and also so that our quality control remains robust.

As ever, your patience and support is incredible and very much appreciated.

More soon. Until then, nothing’s forgotten.



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